WATCH: Chelsea Clinton Attacks Trump On Talk Show… Makes MASSIVE Mistake on Air


Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, sure knows how to spin the truth.

Consider, for instance, what she said during an interview Wednesday night on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

“What feels different about this election to me is I don’t remember a time when so many Americans were being attacked by a major party’s presidential nominee — the attacks against women, against immigrants, against minorities, against our LGBT community, against Americans with disabilities, against a Gold Star family,” she said.

Really, Chelsea?

Recall that it was her own mother who in September dismissed supporters of her opponent, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, as a “basket of deplorables.”

It was also this same woman who in early October was revealed to have once accused supporters of her Democrat primary opponent, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, of “living in their parents’ basement.”

If anyone was lodging spurious attacks against the American people, it was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump.

In fact, never once during this year’s presidential election cycle has Trump smeared all women, immigrants, minorities, LGBT community members, Americans with disabilities or Gold Star families.

Trump has however lodged attacks against specific people who were a part of those special interest groups, but every one of these attacks had some sort of basis in truth.

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