WATCH: “Catcaller” Makes Sick Comment to Woman, Suddenly Realizes His HUGE Mistake

Catcaller Makes Sick Comment to Woman Suddenly Realizes His HUGE Mistake

A few Peruvian catcallers who whistled at women were given the shock of their lives when a TV show managed to trick them into catcalling their own mothers.

According to LittleThings, this footage was from a 2015 episode of a reality TV show in which producers decided to perform a social experiment.

They put the first catcaller’s mother in a wig and dress so he didn’t recognize her, then had her walk by.

When he said something disgusting, she took off the wig and revealed who she was. The rest, as they say, was history.

As bad as the first guy got it, the second guy got it even worse. His mother began hitting him and scolding him right out on the street while his boss was inside. Ouch.

Perhaps tellingly, once they found out who was behind the wig and makeup, the men came up with all kinds of excuses. It was the guy in the car behind them! It was just a game! He didn’t really mean it that way!

Yes, when the women are faceless entities, they’re perfectly fine with catcalling. When it’s their mother, they’re not, and we think it’s not just because of the rather insipid Oedipal implications of the act.

Watch the video here (it’s surprisingly awesome):

Let’s face facts: These guys were being abusive. They do this because they know that most of the women will just pass them by.

As the video pointed out, 7 out of 10 women on Lima’s streets are harassed this way. That’s not a coincidence. It’s because nobody speaks up for them.

Thankfully, these mothers doubtlessly had some very long talks with their offspring, and one gets the idea that this was the last time they did anything of the sort.

At least, we hope so.

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