WATCH: Cartel Member Cries Like A Baby After Police Win Gunfight

Cartel Member Cries Like A Baby After Police Win Gunfight

Mexican drug cartels, much like radical Islamic terror organizations, commit horrific acts of violence regularly and are composed of some of the worst people you could possibly imagine.

However, there are also a number of people in these cartels who aren’t nearly as tough as they want you to think they are, such as one cartel member who started blubbering like a baby after he was shot (and eventually killed) in a shootout with police in Mexico, Breitbart reported.

The gun battle took place in Miguel Aleman, a border city, over the weekend. The battle started when a police convoy was attacked. The police eventually fought off the attackers and chased them down, killing several of them.

One of the attackers was shot but did not die right away. A video of the cartel member showed him lying on the ground, crying. The video also showed police officers around him swearing at him and mocking him.

Eventually the cartel member died from his wounds. You can watch the video here (WARNING: Graphic footage).

There have been similar videos from the Middle East, showing Islamic State terror group members blubbering like children and asking for their mothers after being caught and shot by Iraqi forces.

While a great many cartel members are bloodthirsty savages who have no problem beheading women and children, some of them really are just in it for the fame and because they have nothing better to do with their lives.

This video shows just what happens when “street cred” meets the real world. There are consequences for your actions, and this cartel member learned just a little too late that he made some seriously wrong life choices.

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