WATCH: Campus Police Tell Basketball Player He’s Been Awarded New Scholarship

Campus Police Tell Basketball Player Hes Been Awarded New Scholarship

A Michigan basketball player was visibly nervous when campus police publicly addressed him about his conduct on campus.

The Detroit News reported that Andrew Dakich was sitting in a session with the University of Michigan basketball team on Monday as they were about to view film when two officers from the Division of Public Safety and Security interrupted and singled out Dakich.

They requested that Dakich leave with them and head to the compliance office to discuss the matter further. And just when the basketball player was getting antsy, they revealed that the whole thing was a prank, and they were there to to inform him that he would be receiving an athletic scholarship for the winter semester.

Talk about a relief.

“It’s come to our attention your conduct on campus is related to a number of ongoing investigations. Your involvement in such matters will require your immediate presence in front of the university’s compliance office right now. Please grab your hat and coat. You’ll be escorted to the compliance office,” the officers told Dakich.

“Upon there, you’ll sign the papers to be awarded a full men’s basketball scholarship for the 2017 winter term at the University of Michigan,” they concluded.

Coach John Beilein came up with the prank, and he told The Michigan Daily that it was inspired by Eastern Michigan football coach Chris Creighton, who surprised one of his players with a scholarship in a similar prank.

Dakich’s father, ESPN Radio host Dan Dakich, responded with a funny tweet:

The scholarship would be the second for the player who dreams of being a coach one day.

Take a look at the prank below.

What an incredible surprise. This will undoubtedly be a story that Dakich will tell for a long time to come.

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