WATCH: Bernie Sanders Admits Obamacare Is Too Expensive

Bernie Sanders Admits Obamacare Is Too Expensive

The truth has indeed set one old man free (at least for a few seconds), and that man was proud socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“(O)f course Obamacare has serious problems,” he admitted Sunday morning on CNN’s “State of the Union” during a discussion of the GOP’s failed attempt to pass the American Health Care Act. “Deductibles are too high. Premiums are too high. The cost of health care is going up at a much faster rate than it should.”

“Ideally, what — where we should be going is to join the rest of the industrialized the world and guarantee health care to all people as a right,” he continued. “And that’s why I’m going to introduce a Medicare-for-all single-payer program.”

Sanders’ brief moment of lucidity may be heard below, though you must first hear about 30 seconds of him attacking the AHCA:

Welcome to reality, Bernie. Sadly, his epiphany lasted only about five seconds, after which Sanders returned to his usual lunacy by touting the need for universal, government-subsidized health care.

For a man who has rarely displayed wisdom, Sanders’ admission Sunday about former President Barack Obama’s failing Affordable Care Act was nice to hear.

Because of his socialist background and general ignorance, however, the Vermont senator wound up just using these facts about the disastrous law to argue why his method of madness — universal health care — was a better solution to the nation’s health care problem.

What Sanders neglected to mention — perhaps because he didn’t even realize it in the first place — was that pursuing universal health care would be equivalent to redoubling Obama’s failed policies.

The reason Obamacare failed was, in part, because of its reliance on socialist doctrines.

“Obamacare is a pure income redistribution play,” Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly correctly explained three years ago, according to Truth Revolt, because it leeches money from the middle class and funnels it directly into the pockets of the poor. It badly damaged a number of health insurance companies and devastated health care in America.

And were universal health care implemented, it would redouble these policies and merely “ruin U.S. health care” for good, according to Medscape contributor and physician Leigh Page.

Here’s a hint for Bernie: When something doesn’t work, don’t escalate it.

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