WATCH: 3 Punks Attack Man, Have No Idea His MMA Pal Is About to Take Them All DOWN

3 Punks Attack Man Have No Idea His MMA Pal Is About to Take Them All DOWN

Most criminals commit crimes when they think the victim won’t be able to fight back. However, many criminals never quite realize that others might witness their crimes and intervene to help the victim.

A story from 2014 has begun recirculating on the Internet web, and was reported by KHON2, about an MMA fighter who witnessed his friend get mugged, and then stepped in to teach the muggers the definition of the word “pain.”

Mayura Dissanayaka was behind the counter at a gas station in Houston when he noticed his co-worker getting mugged right outside the store.

His co-worker was returning from a run to the bank, and the robbers were waiting for him. They pulled up in an SUV and immediately attempted to take the money. That’s when Dissanayaka stepped in.


“The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face, then I punched the other guy,” explained Dissanayaka.

Dissanayaka managed to be so effective with his fighting moves that the criminals fled Well, except for one who got floored by one last punch from Dissanayaka and was quickly abandoned by his friends. He was eventually picked up by the cops.

“They were waiting for them, but when they were running back, I caught one guy with a hook (and he) fell down, so they just left him,” he said, explaining that one robber looked like he wanted to go back for his fallen comrade, but decided against it when Dissanayaka started walking towards him.

Dissananyaka then proceeded to kick the guy who fell until he was unconscious, just to make sure he wouldn’t stand up and do something deadly.

“Just kicked him until he lays down on the floor, until he stopped moving, ’cause I wasn’t sure if he had like a knife or a gun, so I wanted him to stop moving,” he said.

Maybe these robbers will think about who might be watching next time they decide to mug someone!

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