WASTE: State Dept. Gave Employees Counseling After Trump Beat Their Old Boss Hillary

State Dept Gave Employees Counseling After Trump Beat Their Old Boss Hillary

Approximately a month after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election, the State Department wasted taxpayer funds to host workshops designed to help its employees deal with the allegedly devastating emotional outcome of their former boss’s loss.

“Change is an inevitable part of the human experience,” read an email invitation to the workshops obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. “We can become paralyzed by fear or allow the experience of change to propel us closer to self-actualization.”

“Our perspective determines our outcome,” the email continued. “This seminar is designed to discuss the impact of change; the emotional cycles some people experience when confronted with change; and tools to effectively manage the stress of change.”

The workshops were reportedly held at the State Department’s Bureau of Medical Services on Dec. 8 and 14, though the amount of money spent to hold them remained unclear. Invitations for the events were issued less than two weeks after Clinton’s loss.

The fact that the department felt it necessary to flush money down the drain on behalf of its employees’ post-election emotional state indicated how harebrained the State Department has become.

Instead of being a beacon of American strength and exceptionalism, it now serves as a reminder of what happens when you hand over the reins of the country to fools such as current Secretary of State John Kerry, who last year implied that the spread of terrorism was due to the media talking about it too much, as noted by Michelle Malkin.

Not surprisingly, the department’s spokespersons have been equally inane. Take for instance former spokeswoman Jen Psaki, whom Breitbart contributor Joel B. Pollak once described as “clueless.”

“It is not clear what qualifies Psaki for her current post, other than a distinguished record of hackery,” he wrote two years ago. “But she brings a host of trite left-wing tropes to the job, including the idea that wars are not won by force, and the discredited idea that the root cause of terror is poverty.”

Since her departure in early 2015, she has been replaced by the equally clueless John Kirby, whom even Arizona Sen. John McCain reportedly considered an “idiot,” according to a report by The Washington Post.

Apparently, being either an idiot or an emotional wreck now qualifies someone to work at the State Department. Once President-elect Donald Trump’s team takes over, hopefully that will change.

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