In Wake Of Crushing Defeat, Clinton Quietly Plans Her Next Move

In Wake Of Crushing Defeat Clinton Quietly Plans Her Next Move

Following her crushing defeat on Nov. 8, Hillary Clinton has quietly begun making plans to pursue the next stage of her political career, according to insiders close to the former Democrat nominee.

Politico spoke to a number of Clinton allies who say Clinton has reviewed a series of reports, detailing what exactly went wrong with her campaign and how Trump managed to pull off his historic upset just three months ago.

It was further disclosed that Clinton will wait for the results of the Democratic National Committee chair election before making her next move.

The election, which will be held in February, will seek a replacement to former DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was forced to resign in disgrace after it was revealed she colluded against Sen. Bernie Sanders in his election bid.

Clinton’s inner circle has recommended a “wait and see” approach before making any commitments, as the new chair will have significant input on the future of the party.

At least part of this strategy is to monitor the success of the new administration; should President Donald Trump’s poll numbers fall, it is speculated Clinton’s may rise in response.

“I’m certain Trump will screw up enough that by the fall of ’18, Hillary’s numbers will be way up again,” said former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who is also a longtime friend of the Clintons.

However, such a scenario seems more likely to effect the 2018 Congressional elections, rather than a potential Clinton run in 2020.

“The Democratic Party does need new blood, new faces and I don’t think Bill or Hillary Clinton would ever want to get back and run for anything,” said former Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor of Arkansas.

“I don’t think a team of mules could drag them to do that,” he added.

In addition to Clinton’s staggering defeat at the hands of Trump, Democrats around the country were stunned by their failure to regain control of Congress, giving Republicans a mandate over the country.

As a result, determining why the Democrats lost so severely is not only of interest to Clinton, but of other Democrat politicians who are fearful of the future.

“She understands that a forensic exam of the campaign is necessary, not only for her, but for the party and other elected, and for the investors in the campaign,” a source revealed to Politico.

“People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated,” the source added.

Democrats spent an astounding $1.4 billion backing the Clinton campaign and came away with nothing to show for it. Understandably, donors are not looking for a repeat in 2018 and beyond.

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