Waiter at Chinese Restaurant Snaps Pic of Human “Meat” Being Served to Diners

Waiter at Chinese Restaurant Snaps Pic of Human Meat Being Served to Diners

A Chinese restaurant in Italy has been accused of serving the human remains after a waiter posted a picture that was allegedly taken in the restaurants kitchen.

The picture was posted to social media and then circulated widely, after which police were notified and sent to the restaurant to investigate.

WARNING: The image below is quite graphic and will disturb some readers. Reader discretion is strongly advised.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, a diner from Slovenia went with friends to a restaurant in Padua, in northern Italy, and asked for a Chinese delicacy known as bear paws.

Bear paws are usually reserved for the wealthy as the dish itself is considered black market.

What the diner allegedly received instead was something decidedly more black market … human feet.

This is the image that has launched a police investigation:


The unnamed waiter claimed that this picture of human feet were the “bear paws” served to the Slovenian diner and his friends, the U.K. Express reported. A regular customer of the restaurant saw the photo and reported it to authorities, who then sent police and food standards officials to the restaurant.

What they found was “55 pounds of meat and frozen fish of doubtful origin,” according to the Daily Mail. However, none of it was bear meat, despite it being listed on the menu. Packages of frog legs and crab meat were found that had past their expiration date, as well.

Add that to the dirt and grease found all over the refrigerator, floors and oven, and the restaurant was looking at some serious health code violations.

Police have consulted with a forensic pathologist who reportedly said that the feet in the picture appeared to be human. Authorities were still investigating the picture’s origin.

The restaurant’s current legal and operating status was not immediately clear — but we’re betting it’s probably not good.

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