VIRAL: Hillary Fan Has Screaming Meltdown in Public, Horrifies Helpless Cashier

Hillary Fan Has Screaming Meltdown in Public Horrifies Helpless Cashier

Screaming middle-aged woman who kept yelling “NOOOOO!” while having a meltdown on the pavement at Trump’s inauguration: “I’ve sealed it! There’s no way anybody could possibly have a more humiliating, cringeworthy, self-flagellating meltdown over the election of Donald Trump than I did! Viral renown, here I come!”

Random white privileged liberal at a coffee shop: “Hold my cup.”

Trump’s inauguration may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the torrent of videos showing Hillary fans going Fukushima Daiichi Reactor #3 on camera has stopped. In fact, it’s much like the Jelly of the Month Club: It’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year ’round.

Our latest entrant in the histrionics sweepstakes came courtesy of a woman in what appeared to be a terminally trendy coffee shop.

I’m hoping she’s ordering the decaf, because she seems to be desperately in need of what the psychiatric profession would term a “pharmaceutical intervention.”

Instead of Ativan, however, our subject appeared to be working out her white guilt using primal scream therapy on her hapless, beleaguered African-American barista.

Take a look and prepare to cringe:

“And like, I want everything for you! Like, everything you want right now, I want it!” she screamed.

Actually, I can see your barista’s rictus of fear, and it’s clear that all she wants is for you to order your flat white and leave.

I’m kind of reminded of Woody Allen’s soliloquy at the beginning of “Annie Hall,” in which he muses about turning into one of those old men “with saliva dribbling out of his mouth who wanders into a cafeteria with a shopping bag screaming about socialism.” I think what’s truly impressive is that this individual seems to have accomplished that transformation before she turned 40.

Way to go, random Hillary supporter. You managed to out-neurotic Woody Allen.

It’s too bad that this two-and-a-half minute treatise on white privilege and health care is somewhat mitigated by the fact that white liberal privilege involves not getting kicked out of a trendy coffee shop for bellowing your political views at 110 decibels while a line forms behind you.

It’s also worth pointing out that for all of the talk about healthcare in this uncomfortable diatribe, she doesn’t seem to get that a barista at her local coffee shop almost certainly can’t afford the premium or deductible her onerous Obamacare plan would almost certainly come with.

Why let facts get in the way, though, when she refuses to let anyone else in line do the same?

It’s worth pointing out that this is a social media video and we can’t verify it, and there is the fact that it seems to end on such a canned line that we can’t help but wonder if it was scripted or not. If it was scripted, however, this Clinton supporter deserves an Oscar.

Either way, our #MAGA hats are off to you, Hillarista tormenting the barista. You’ve supplanted “NOOOOO!” woman as our favorite viral termagant of 2017.

Can this rant be topped? Your move, liberals.

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