VIDEO: Woman Trampled by Herd of Sheep, Then Gets Rammed

Woman Trampled by Herd of Sheep Then Gets Rammed

Sheep are generally understood to be rather docile herd animals, content to be guided along with the rest of the flock under the watchful eye of a shepherd aided by a trusty sheepdog to guard against hidden predators.

However, male sheep, known as rams, are powerful animals that can become rather aggressive in certain situations, a lesson a shepherdess in Germany discovered in 2014. A video of her experience has recently gone viral on the internet, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

The shepherdess was guiding her flock along the side of the road when a car equipped with a dash cam approached from the opposite direction, triggering the dog to run toward it while barking, which in turn startled the flock of sheep, which turned and stampeded back in the direction from which they came.

Unfortunately for the shepherdess, the stampede knocked her to the asphalt, which prompted the large ram of the flock to head-butt and trample her while she lay on the ground, according to the Ireland Independent.

The flock eventually moved off to the side of the road, but as the woman attempted to regain her feet, the ram charged at her and head-butted her in the back, sending the woman into a face-plant into the pavement with an audible thud, which in turn prompted an explicit exclamation from the driver, who proceeded to use his horn while yelling to frighten away the ram from the probably-injured woman.

As the driver exited his vehicle to provide assistance to the downed shepherdess, the flock scrambled up a grassy hill to escape the strange machine that had blocked the road and honked at them.

You can watch the video right here, but beware that it includes some graphic violence and explicit language (if you understand German):

That was pretty crazy, and hopefully the woman was not seriously injured by the repeated attacks by the ram.

Most people think sheep are peaceful animals, but this video proves that even the most docile of creatures can take on an entirely different nature when it feels threatened or its typical routine is abruptly changed.

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