VIDEO: Violent Punk Threatens Subway Passengers… Suddenly Sees Total Darkness

Violent Punk Threatens Subway Passengers Suddenly Sees Total Darkness

A video went viral on the Internet on in March of 2016 showing a shirtless and intoxicated man bullying fellow passengers on a Los Angeles subway train… and it’s every bit as awesome now as it was a year ago.

Stumbling and storming back and forth along the aisle of the subway car while wielding his cellphone charging cord as if it were a dangerous weapon, the man cursed and threatened those individuals near him or in his way, repeatedly warning them not call him a “weirdo.”

One passenger smartly used his bicycle to shield himself from the bully, but another passenger was not so lucky, and soon found himself cornered with the angry man directly in his face.

Everything changed in an instant though, as another passenger stepped up behind the bully and placed him in a headlock-style sleeper hold, eventually lowering the subdued bully to the floor of the subway car.

When the bully awoke from his brief moment of unconsciousness, the large man who had put him down merely placed his heavy foot on the bully’s chest, preventing him from getting up.

The bully continued to weakly struggle to no avail, pleading with the man to let him up, but that only earned the reply, “I’m a f***ing cop, stay the f*** down.”

After another moment the train reached the next station and stopped, where law enforcement officials were reportedly waiting to apprehend the disruptive bully who had threatened the other passengers.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the hero who finally stopped the intoxicated passenger — a hoodlum being called “Viking Guy” in the press — is Adrian Kaczmarek, 25.

“I was more concerned about my safety and the people on the train safety. I wasn’t sure if he had a knife or if he had a gun,” Kaczmarek said.

“I finally saw it escalating to the point where he was getting physical and people are getting pushed around. The whole thing is about to explode. I thought the best thing to do was go over there and subdue him,” he told KNBC-TV.

Los Angeles transit officials acknowledged that the man had been drinking, in addition to being under the influence of an unidentified controlled substance.

Thankfully this good Samaritan was there on the subway train to put a stop to this angry bully’s ranting and threats, as he could have exploded in a violent attack against one of the other passengers, perhaps even causing significant injury or death to one of those trapped in the enclosed subway car.

Whether or not the man who stopped the bully was really a cop or not was largely beside the point, though he literally served and protected the small community of that subway train in that moment.

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