VIDEO: During TV Interview, Muslim Fighter Hears ODD Whistling … Seconds Later, He Vanishes


A jihadist fighter in Syria was in the middle of giving an interview to a TV reporter when his efforts in the war were suddenly brought to an end.

The fighter, believed to be a part of the Damascus-based Ajnad al-Sham Syrian rebel group fighting against the Bashar al-Assad regime, was in the middle of a seemingly routine propaganda report while the battle raged all around.

However, the fighter soon heard a boom off in the distance and knew what it was, but was unable to do anything about it.

As the distinctive whistling sound of an incoming mortar round grew louder, the jihadi attempted to turn and run, to no avail.

The mortar round, most likely fired by a Syrian Army unit, landed behind the fighter and enveloped him in the subsequent explosion, sending the cameraman flying backward and burying him in debris.

Amazingly, the camera was not damaged and continued to run for a moment, showing nothing but debris in front of the lens and capturing the sounds of screaming and men scrambling through the wreckage to search for survivors and unearth the victims.

Unfortunately, it is believed that the Syrian media activist involved in the interview of this jihadist fighter was also killed in the blast, making it that much more difficult for those trying to get information out of the war-torn region.

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