VIDEO: Trump Supporters Troll Shia LaBeouf, Replace Anti-Trump Flag with Trump Hat

Trump Supporters Troll Shia LaBeouf Replace Anti-Trump Flag with Trump Hat

Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf has been trying to make a name for himself after the election of President Donald Trump by setting up a modern art exhibit called “He Will Not Divide Us” that was simply a live-stream camera with a bunch of people screaming in front of it.

LaBeouf’s exhibit has had to be moved many times because, ironically enough, it has caused a lot of division, and even some small-scale fights, BizPac Review reported.

After moving the camera from New York City to Albuquerque, New Mexico, LaBeouf was eventually forced to move the camera to a secret location, and instead of having people stand in front of it talking, he simply trained the camera on a flag that had the words “He Will Not Divide Us” written on it.

Trump supporters didn’t let this new wrinkle foil their plans to troll the exhibit. While LaBeouf may have thought he was smart by training the camera on a flag, Trump’s supporters were smarter.

You can watch a video documenting the efforts of these Trump supporters here:

By analyzing planes flying overhead, the position of the sun and the stars and a photo of LaBeouf in Tennessee, Trump supporters on the internet site “4Chan” were able to pinpoint the location of the camera in the Volunteer State.

On Thursday the flag was taken down, and the tech-savvy Trump supporters put a “Make America Great Again” baseball cap in its place.

The camera feed was cut a short time later. Eventually the live image was restored, though it was simply a picture of an empty flag poll. You can watch the flag being taken down here:

This was beautiful, and we salute all those who worked to find this ridiculous display. Maybe LaBeouf will finally learn his lesson and stop trying to make a name for himself through this ridiculous project.

This was arguably the greatest game of “capture the flag” that has been played in years.

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