VIDEO: Trump Supporter Beaten by Anti-Trump Protesters at Portland Airport

Trump Supporter Beaten by Anti-Trump Protesters at Portland Airport

The “peaceful,” “tolerant” left has unmasked itself since the election of Donald Trump as president. When it comes to peace and tolerance, that only applies when you do what they want. Otherwise, they’re going to be as violent as they need to be to intimidate those who disagree with them.

Nowhere was this more apparent than at Portland International Airport in Oregon this weekend, where protesters were demonstrating against Trump’s executive order on immigration from seven countries with terrorist ties.

While some protesters were peaceful, others were not. Take this video of a pro-Trump counterprotester being punched out by a liberal.

In the video, the Trump supporter can clearly be seen being mobbed by violent protesters who stormed the airport. He’s then clocked and knocked unconscious.

Sadly, it didn’t even end there. Instead of realizing just how out of hand the protests had gotten, the Trump protesters seemed to revel in seriously injuring a Trump supporter. “That’s right!” one protester can be seen yelling over the unconscious victim. “You got knocked out!”

KATU-TV reported that there were no arrests during the protests, in spite of what happened to this man. Even though the airport remained open, some passengers were decidedly unimpressed with the mob.

“The language they were using, the signs they had up had all sorts of derogatory, and insulting things that any family member should ever be exposed to,” said Jill Pederson, who was traveling with her son. She said she was harassed because of her Brigham Young University sweatshirt.

“I felt very unsafe. I think it’s terrible they got into a fight, riot gear had to be pulled over here, that my son and I had to hide,” she said. “It’s not OK.”

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