VIDEO: Trump Protester Screams “NOOO” During Swearing-In Ceremony

Trump Protester Screams NOOO During Swearing-In Ceremony

Cameras caught one anti-Trump woman having a meltdown as President Donald Trump took the oath of office, and her reaction should invoke fear in the hearts of anyone who is concerned about the future of this country — because she cried like a baby and then screamed “Nooooooooo!” like a spoiled 2-year-old brat not getting her favorite candy bar right before dinner.

We don’t know who this woman is, but she deserves an Oscar for such a riveting performance.

Seriously though, she represents hundreds of thousands of liberal crybabies who have somehow managed to make it to adulthood without learning how to cope with the most basic struggles of life — like not getting everything your way.

She sobbed, and as she heard the words that Donald J. Trump was president of the United States, she began to wail. Take a look:

There is so much wrong with what’s happening in this video.

Yes, the woman is entitled to her opinion and, of course, she can protest, even if it involves making a total fool of herself (which it obviously did), but her breakdown represents a deeper problem among some Americans who have never learned how to deal with life’s difficulties, of which there are many.

Her reaction represented what happens when children are taught that there are no losers in life. Children who aren’t allowed to win or lose in competitions are completely unprepared to face the inevitable challenges and losses that come with simply being a member of the human race.

Those who are taught to cope with disappointment and setbacks grow into well-adjusted, mature adults.

Those who are taught that they’re special snowflakes and deserve the right to retreat to safe spaces every time their feelings are hurt grow into people who struggle like the woman in this video.

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