VIDEO: Thug Bum Rushes Cop… Then Huge Construction Worker Walks Up & Evens the Score


On Aug. 31, Boston police officer Edward Fleming was on what should have been a routine detail for a construction crew when a police dispatcher alerted the officer that a larceny suspect was on the loose nearby.

Fleming, a 21-year veteran of the force, spotted the suspect with stolen merchandise from the Berkeley College Bookstore still in hand and pursued the thief on foot as he ran into the Prudential Mall, down corridors and toward an elevator vestibule.

When the thug thief ran down a dead end and Fleming caught up to him, the thug fought back. At one point, he rushed the officer, but what he didn’t expect was the massive construction worker who followed the officer into the building as backup.

As the thug attempted to smash through Fleming and escape, the towering construction worker, Ned Flood, stopped the criminal in his tracks and subsequently took him down, allowing Fleming the chance to arrest the violent man.

Flood’s colleague, Robert Doyle, was also there and offered assistance while Fleming made the arrest.

The entire incident was caught on Prudential Mall surveillance cameras.

“These construction workers do a lot for this city and have always had a great relationship with our officers,” said Boston Police Commissioner William Evans, as he awarded the two construction workers for their bravery, according to BPD News.

“We appreciate their support and the support of those from Boston Properties for their role in following up on this incident,” he added.

It turned out that the suspect was a violent career criminal with multiple warrants out for his arrest. He was charged with larceny for his latest crime.

As Flood and Doyle were presented with Commissioner’s Commendation plaques, Captain Paul Ivens said, “The ‘thin blue line’ just got a little bit thicker.”

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