VIDEO: How Ronald Reagan Handled Leftist Protesters Is Exactly What Trump Should Do


If President-elect Donald Trump has any time for late-night reading these days, we hope he is studying up on Ronald Reagan’s presidency.

Since Trump’s stunning election victory on Nov. 8, liberals have been attempting to disrupt the longstanding American tradition of respectful, peaceful transition.

From Los Angeles to New York, protesters are shutting down bridges, flying the Mexican flag while desecrating ours, and burning cars. Can you imagine conservatives tearing up the streets? Ever? No. They’re busy working to build the country up, not dismantle it.

In responding to the liberal media during 1969 student protests at the University of California at Berkeley, Reagan said it best. Here’s the video, courtesy of Conservative Post:

“All of it began the first time some of you who … are old enough to know better let young people think that they have the right to choose the laws they would obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest.”

Ronald Reagan still stands as the benchmark of strong, steady and principled leadership in America. He didn’t just talk the conservative talk — he embodied it. Reagan believed in the right to dissent, but never, ever, at the expense of law and order.

Reagan didn’t mince words for conservatives, either. In 1982, he told a maverick Republican congressional candidate to “Shut up!” during a speech at the White House. Fair enough, since he’d said the same thing to a liberal heckler — see second part of video above — while speaking at a rally for a Republican Senate candidate.

Fair man, the Gipper.

There is no government without consent of the governed, and no time more critical than now for us all to pull together to create a better, more unified country.

Mr. Trump has a very difficult job ahead. Every American, conservative and liberal alike, owes him their unqualified support and allegiance.

We pray that Donald Trump will take a page from the Reagan playbook and provide strong, reasoned and principled leadership for America.

We’re behind you, President-elect Trump. Go out and win one for the Gipper.

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