VIDEO: Police Stop To Help Family Who Crashed On Icy Road, Then HELL Happens… Spread This NOW


Driving in winter weather can be dangerous for everyone on the road, especially when proper safety precautions aren’t taken .

Accidents can happen quickly on icy roads as the conditions make it harder to stop, and drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles, causing multi-vehicle wrecks and extremely dangerous situations.

For example, dash camera footage from a police car in Montana in 2014 captured a horrific scene where one crash resulted in several crashes as people continued to whizz by on the icy road.

The following video is why you should slow down and be extremely cautious when driving in winter weather conditions. Warning, the footage — starting at roughly 1:05 — is graphic.

Montana Highway Patrol used the video of this horrific incident to promote safety while driving in icy conditions.

As the video explains, MHP Trooper Wade Palmer and Cadet (now Trooper) Timothy Templeton arrived at the scene of a crash involving a mother and her two small children.

Conditions were hazardous as the crash occurred during a blizzard.

The video captured several other vehicles crashing following the initial accident. In the first subsequent collision, a semi-truck hit the passenger vehicle parked on the shoulder of the road, causing the mother to be ejected from the vehicle — as is highlighted in the video. She landed in the highway median where Palmer found her and rendered aid.

Meanwhile, Templeton saw an out-of-control truck and trailer headed directly toward Palmer and the victim. Templeton shouted a warning and Palmer was able to pull himself and the victim to safety within seconds, saving his life and that of the mother.

Thankfully, everyone involved in the incident survived.

The Montana Highway Patrol recommended that when driving in winter weather, drivers slow down, increase their following distance, allow themselves more time to get to their destination, brake gently and have patience.

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