Video: Muslim Women Burn Their Burqas After Village Is Liberated from ISIS

Video Muslim Women Burn Their Burqas After Village Is Liberated from ISIS

A new video showed women celebrating their liberation from the Islamic State group by removing their burqas, stomping on them and setting them on fire.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the video was taken in an unidentified Middle Eastern town after it was liberated from the terrorist group.

The villagers were clearly overjoyed at their newfound freedom, and a woman even took off her veil and stepped on it as a sign of defiance. Then, another woman stepped up with a lighter and set the whole thing ablaze.

Watch the full video below, which was originally taken by Kurdish news source Rudaw:

Julie Lenarz, director of the Human Security Centre, a foreign policy think tank based in the United Kingdom, spoke with The Independent about the history of the powerful imagery portrayed in this video.

“These people were under the control of ISIS, who forced women to wear religious clothing, men were banned from smoking, children were not supposed to be playing and dancing in the street,” Lenarz said.

“These are women who would have worn a headscarf or Muslim clothing but not a full face veil, so they see it as a real liberation,” she continued. Lenarz also noted that the removal of a headscarf is the most common way to show defiance and celebrate after a victory over a terror group.

While the video gives no indication of a location, Iraqi forces announced the liberation of the eastern part of Mosul last month, which was formerly a stronghold of the Islamic State group.

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