VIDEO: Muslim Family Makes SHOCKING Move When National Anthem Plays… WOW


President Barack Obama and his liberal cronies like to remind Americans on a near-daily basis that Muslims are all our friends and they hold the same beliefs and values that other Americans do.

Despite mountains of evidence to the contrary, Obama continues to try to push his America-transforming agenda on us, claiming that all Muslims love America and those that commit terror attacks against us don’t in reality represent Islam.

The latest piece of evidence punching a hole in the Obama narrative is a video posted on the Facebook page for “The Keffiyeh Monitor” that showed an apparently Muslim family being disrespectful during the national anthem at a graduation ceremony.

The family couldn’t be bothered to stand up for the anthem and instead sat in their chairs talking and laughing with each other. The video lasts a little more than a minute, and each second you watch the family sit there laughing will make your blood boil.

This family does have the right to sit for the national anthem and not pay this country any respect. However just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should do it.

Millions of people have died so that we could all be free. The least this family could have done is sit there quietly during the national anthem so that the Americans around them could pay their respects to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Many of the comments on the video expressed anger over what this family did. A few people suggested calling the family out in front of everyone or even dumping drinks on their heads (which, for the record, we would neither condone nor recommend).

Polls have shown that a significant portion of Muslims in America are more loyal to the Quran than to the Constitution, and while Christians would generally consider the Bible more important than the Constitution, there’s an important difference.

The Constitution was written, in part, to codify biblical precepts in law. There are no significant conflicts between the Bible and the Constitution, but the same cannot be said of the Islamic holy writings.

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