VIDEO: ISIS Fighters Get Trapped on Mountain… Good Guys Show Up And Unleash Gunship Justice


There’s nothing quite as awesome as watching a bunch of extremist Muslims with Stone Age ideologies get bombed back to the Stone Age.

Really, there isn’t. Try to find something quite so awesome. You’d have to be driving a Ferrari at 180 miles an hour with Heidi Klum in the passenger seat and “Exile on Main Street” playing at full volume to get the same kind of thrill you would at watching a video of an Islamic State terrorist getting reduced to smithereens.

And the video, I’d like to point out, is significantly cheaper.

Take this video, posted to LiveLeak two days ago. It was taken from an Iraqi gunship as Islamic State group militants were being tracked in the Makhool Mountains. For whatever reason, the terrorists seem to have picked the highly visible side of a large mountain as a place to get stuck, which wasn’t exactly all that wise.

The helicopter circled around the mountain for a bit, then fired at the terrorists. An impressive explosion ensues, during which the terrorists assuredly managed to bite the dust.

Video below (graphic explosions, in case you hadn’t guessed. Liberal wussy discretion is advised):

Amazing how modern technology can take a bunch of foaming-at-the-mouth extremists and reduce them to shreds. I wish we could see more of this coming from American forces in the region.

However, given the recent revelation that 75 percent of pilots who go out on missions against the Islamic State group return without firing a single weapon because the Obama administration has put massive restrictions on clearance for launching attacks, it’s unsurprising that we don’t see many of these come from American helicopters, or at least as many as we used to.

Thankfully, we have Russia to pick up the slack, and the Iraqi people are doing their best, as evinced here. If only Obama would get with the program.

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