VIDEO: Hillary Thinks Camera’s Off… Appears to Send Shock Message to Person Off Stage


For a woman riding high on the extreme probability that she would become president, Hillary Clinton did not have a great Sunday. Instead of impaling Donald Trump on the nuclear stake of his comments, she got beaten back from the White House door rather forcefully.

So, how did Hillary handle it? It looks an awful lot like she may have hit Trump with the F-bomb.

This is controversial, so let’s slow-walk through it.

This clip from the debate happened as Trump was talking about health care. Hillary wasn’t willing to interrupt Trump, but she couldn’t contain her frustration. Some people have said she was just licking her lips (a nervous tick when under pressure), but others say she actually mouthed the F-word under her breath, either to herself or someone off stage.

Take a look:

(This video can be downloaded directly from this link if YouTube takes the video offline.)

While it’s possible this was just her licking her lips — a sight no American should be forced to watch — we’ve never seen someone mouth the “eff” sound while licking their lips.

What lends even more credence to the theory is Hillary’s reputation for incredibly crass, crude, and boorish language and manners.

The folks over at IJR have put together a damning list of some of Hillary’s most profane hits. Keep in mind, these are just the ones we know about — doubtless Bill, Chelsea, and her staff have been subject to much worse.

*WARNING: What follows is not family friendly.*

Hillary’s reply to state troopers wishing her a good morning makes our point nicely: “F*** off! It’s enough that I have to see you ****-kickers every day, I’m not going to talk to you too!! Just do your G***** job and keep your mouth shut.”

Or there’s the time she wasn’t happy with Bill’s campaign manager and called him “You f******* Jew bastard.”

Her alleged comments about special needs children at the White House also come to mind. “When are they going to get those f****** retards out of here?”

And, of course, there was that time she made the best case outside of court for Bill being a womanizer. “Come on Bill, put your d*** up! You can’t f*** her here!!”

IJR has done a wonderful job of cataloging and sourcing each of these quotes, along with many others.

So, whether she was just nervously licking her lips in a weird way that looked like the “eff” sound or actually mouthing the f-word, she was sending a specific message to someone — or maybe everyone in the auditorium — that Trump was definitely under her skin.

In light of her disastrous debate performance and unquestionable crudity, here’s what we would tell Hillary if we had the chance.

Secretary Clinton, we get it. There are plenty of instances we might be tempted to use the F-missile against someone we dislike. We’re also not in the running for president of the United States. We do not have to worry about what the people who don’t agree with us want to think.

You are in the running for the president, Madam Secretary. This means that you do have to worry about what Americans think. You can’t just tell people “f*** you.” Whether the subject of your scorn is a campaign manager you don’t like, little kids who are in your way, or perhaps even a New York real estate tycoon, you can’t just say “f*** you.” That’s not how normal, decent people behave.

If Hillary did mouth the F-word at Trump as he mopped the floor with her during the debate, why should we be surprised? This is what Hillary Clinton has been telling America from the beginning. Do you not like her vision for America? Well, f*** you. Don’t realize how her policies will be awesome for you? F*** you. Don’t understand why voting conservative is wrong? F*** you, too.

In fact, this probably should have been her campaign slogan. It’s pithy, it’s succinct, and it tells America exactly how she feels about anyone who disagrees with her. It’s also a lot shorter than “I’m with Her.” Not sure if the networks are going to air it, though.

Needless to say, we’re not terribly impressed by Hillary as either a person or a debate performer. And we’ll bet we know what she’d tell us in response.

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