VIDEO: Gator Carries Massive Fish In Its Mouth While Crossing Sidewalk

Gator Carries Massive Fish In Its Mouth While Crossing Sidewalk

In an amazing image captured on camera, a alligator is caught with a very interesting meal in his ferocious jaws. It is safe to say that the gator probably got the best catch of the day.

The video was captured by a woman named Norma Respess in Pasco County, Florida, and has subsequently gone viral. Nora was with her family to the Seven Springs Golf and Country Club in Trinity, when her husband pointed out the gator sighting. Norma grabbed her cellphone and began recording.

In the video, the gator can be seen walking nonchalantly across a sidewalk at the golf course with a massive fish in its grip. The fish is so big that it nearly drags on the ground as the gator walked clenching it in its jaws.

Onlookers can be heard gasping at the sight.

The video has been viewed over 2.5 million times and was just posted on Friday. With 57.5 thousand shares and 6.7 thousand comments, this video is shocking everyone.

See the video below:

Gator sightings are famous in Florida, of course, and each comes with its own unique spin, but this one has sure made the rounds, leaving many commenters stunned.

It is very unusual to see a gator with its food outside of the water. Typical alligators eat their meals in the water or underwater, to see one just casually strolling about was definitely a sight to see for many who were present.

It’s almost as if he was showing off his big catch to the people on the golf course!


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