VIDEO: Farmer Pops Hood of Truck, Finds Absolute Terror Waiting for Him Underneath

Farmer Pops Hood of Truck Finds Absolute Terror Waiting for Him Underneath

A farmer in Zimbabwe was having some difficulties with his vehicle, so he decided to pop the hood and see what sort of engine trouble he had.

His trouble was not coming from anything inside the engine, but rather what was wrapped around the engine — namely, a massive coiled-up African rock python, CNN reported in March of 2016.

With shouts of “It’s a rattlesnake! It’s a massive snake!” coming from his 5-year-old son, Ben Mostert of Karoi tentatively reached for the giant snake, ultimately grabbing it behind the head and dragging it out of the engine.

With a little help from a couple of other men, the heavy python was finally untangled and removed from the vehicle’s engine and unceremoniously tossed into the tall grass alongside the dirt road.

As crazy as this incident may seem, it is actually not this farmer’s first encounter with the dangerous snake, not even remotely.

“That was the second time the python was caught that day,” Mostert declared, explaining that the giant snake is actually something of a fixture on his property, and has been for a long time.

He proceeded to detail how the previous occupants of the land had warned him about the snake when he bought the property, telling him how it had likely eaten several of their lambs.

Mostert himself has lost a family cat, as well as some chickens from a chicken coop, all suspected of becoming meals for the scaly slithering giant.

He has caught and released the snake numerous times before, even taking it as far as four miles away from his property, yet it inevitably returns eventually.

Though some would suggest simply killing the snake, or any others Mostert may stumble across, such an action would only serve to bring trouble, as the pythons are actually protected royal game animals in the African nation that aren’t supposed to be hunted or killed without permission.

Hopefully, this particular snake will ultimately decide to find a new place to roam, granting this farmer some peace for a change, though the probability of that happening seems unlikely.

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