VIDEO: College Party Dude Blasts Cop Car With Football… Cop’s Response Is EPIC

College Party Dude Blasts Cop Car With Football Cops Response Is EPIC

A college student named Kameron Heady was enjoying his spring break vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama, though he may have enjoyed it a bit too much, as he now has a warrant out for his arrest.

A video was posted back in March of 2016 showing Heady in the middle of the vast crowd of spring breakers milling about the beach. Likely fueled by a dose of liquid courage and the illusion of anonymity in the sprawling crowd, Heady decided to throw a football at a police SUV parked on the beach.

To cries of “F*** the police,” Heady let loose with a beautiful throw above the heads of the large crowd, easily traveling around half the length of a football field to find its mark, hitting the squad car and bouncing off the roof.

While Heady and his friends found his stunt to be quite amusing, the Gulf Shores Police Department — not so much.

Gulf Shores police released their own video in response to Heady’s, informing him that he had made a “bad decision.”

Their video stated, “Hey Kameron, we found you. Great arm. Bad decision.”

“An arrest warrant has been issued for you,” the video continued. “You can turn yourself in at the Gulf Shores Police Department.”

The video then showed the actual arrest warrant that had been issued in Heady’s name, revealing that he had been charged with harassment.

The video then conveniently displayed the address to the GSPD station, leaving Heady little excuse for not showing up to face the music for his little stunt.

The media seems to have lost track of this one after the original hubbub died down, so we can’t tell you with any certainty what fate the besotted Mr. Heady eventually faced. However, he did tweet this in May of 2016.

We can only hope this football-throwing moron learned his lesson.

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