VIDEO: Black Man and White Woman Get SICK Treatment in “Black-Owned Restaurant”

Black Man and White Woman Get SICK Treatment in Black-Owned Restaurant

Liberal like to complain about racism on a near-daily basis. In their minds, anything that doesn’t line up 100 percent with their values and beliefs is simply racist and therefore doesn’t matter except as something to be upset about.

While liberals imagine racism at every turn, there is plenty of real racism in this world, such as an interracial couple who were harassed while trying to eat at a “black restaurant,” as demonstrated in a video uploaded to Worldstar Hip Hop.

A black man and a white woman were just trying to enjoy a meal when someone with a camera came up to them and demanded to know why the black man had the “audacity” to date a white woman.

“What’s wrong with you? You couldn’t find no black woman?” the man asked while filming the encounter.

It was unclear whether the man filming and insulting the couple was black, though given who he was insulting, I would imagine he was. It was also unclear what was meant by a “black-owned restaurant,” the term the racist used in the video.

“Are you that weak? I don’t normally interview you all ’cause I get me so upset. Just the fact that you had the audacity, that you sat in a black-owned restaurant and share this … I just had to ask,” he said.

At one point in the “interview,” the cameraman referred to the white woman as “less of a female — that’s lesser than a black woman in every way.” Indeed, he questioned whether white people were even human.

You can watch the full video here (WARNING: strong language):

I wouldn’t hold my breath for a condemnation of this disgusting bit of racism from Al Sharpton.

Regardless, this is real racism right here. This is what liberals should be fighting against — not police officers, not income inequality and not voter ID laws. They should be fighting people like this man who are so backward in their views that it isn’t even funny.

We don’t care what color the man behind the camera was; what he did was completely wrong.

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