VIDEO: Black Female Trump Worker Goes Off On Epic Rant To Liberal Media Host and It’s Priceless


A black female employee of Donald Trump’s National Diversity Outreach Coalition went off on a liberal television host after she attempted to pull the race card on her. reported: According to her Facebook page, Brunell Donald-Kyei is an attorney, the Vice-Chair of Diversity Outreach, National Diversity Coalition for Trump, and a former Democratic Lt. Governor candidate for Illinois.

They asked how and why she got involved with the Trump campaign, and she told them much more than they ever expected to hear. They tried to throw up the racist card, but she threw it right back, and she gave them some excellent reasons why she believes Trump must be the next president.

She even waded into the subject of ISIS, noting that ISIS doesn’t target people as black, white, or Hispanic – they simply say, ‘I’m going to blow up Americans.’ “ISIS just sees us as Americans, so the sooner we see each other that way, the better,” she said.

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