VIDEO: Bad Guys Fire At Jets With Anti-Air Gun… Minutes Later, JUSTICE Sings Them A Lullaby


Many videos have surfaced of the U.S. military taking out targets in Syria and Iraq. These videos, often shot from air force jets, give a unique perspective on what it’s like fighting the Islamic State group.

We less often see videos shot from the ground showing what it’s like for terrorists to be on the receiving end of missiles. But one video showed the war in the Middle East from the terrorists’ perspective.

The video wa not clear about where or when it was shot but, given the appearance of the men and the cries of “Allahu akbar,” it would appear to be a safe bet that this video was shot in the Middle East.

The men in the video were manning an anti-aircraft gun, and they very clearly have no idea what they are doing. For starters, they are smack dab in the middle of a road, essentially begging to be bombed.

In addition to that, they are only firing the AA gun in 2-3 round bursts. They are firing at a target thousands of feet above them, moving hundreds of miles an hour, yet the somehow expect to take it down with 3 shots?


After attempting to hit the plane for a few seconds, the men then decided to simply stand around and watch the plane circle them.

Honestly … it’s like they wanted to be blown up.

Eventually they realized that the plane is targeting their location, and a few of them tried to run. Tough to outrun an air-to-ground missile, though.

This just goes to show the intelligence level of some of the people waging jihad in the Middle East.

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