Victoria Jackson Goes Viral with Trump Announcement We Love

Victoria Jackson Goes Viral with Trump Announcement We Love

President Donald Trump has promised that he will boost the American economy, restore confidence and be the “greatest jobs president God ever made.”

Trump believes in American capitalism, and to celebrate that belief, former SNL comedian Victoria Jackson released a video about Trump, WND reported.

Jackson rocketed to the top of the popularity chart in tea party circles after President Barack Obama was elected, when she released a song titled “There’s a Communist Living in the White House.”

Now she is at it again, only this time her song is titled “There’s a Capitalist Living in the White House.”

“I think all of our tea party work paid off,” she said, explaining why she chose to create this song. “What a great feeling, knowing I was down in the trenches with you guys.”

The song is hilarious. It pokes fun at some aspects of Trump (like his tweeting), but also underscores how good it feels to have someone who loves America in the White House.

Here’s a sample:

He loves cops and veterans.
He loves our brave military.
He loves legal immigrants.
The key word here is “legally.”
Maybe now we can all be rich,
Not just the elite.
Maybe now our health insurance
Payments we can meet.
Maybe now the middle class
Can rest and breathe again.
There’s a capitalist living in the White House!

You can watch the full video here:

After suffering under eight long years of Obama’s failed economic policies, it feels good to have someone in the White House who believes in American capitalism and who believes that loosening the restrictions on businesses can benefit all Americans.

Trump has his work cut out for him, but if anyone can reverse the train wreck of the past eight years, it’s Trump.

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