USA Today Posts Picture of Turkey With Trump Head on Thanksgiving


A day prior to Thanksgiving, President-elect Donald Trump published a YouTube video encouraging Americans to bounce back from the heated 2016 election by uniting as one nation.

Within less than 24 hours of Trump issuing that warmhearted message, USA Today essentially flushed it down the toilet.

It did so by publishing an exceptionally divisive photo to Twitter depicting President Barack Obama standing behind a turkey with Trump’s head superimposed atop it.

Take a look at the photo below:

The photo stirred intense anger among USA Today’s Twitter followers, many of whom promised to cancel their subscriptions to the lagging paper.

“Had Breitbart run a photo of Obama’s head on a black turkey, I can only imagine the vial [sic] rhetoric from the left,” tweeted one Twitter user. “Poor taste.”

“Depicting Obama about to cut off pres-elect’s head?” wrote another. “How are we to ever ‘come together’ as a country if news sources share this?”

It was not clear what exactly the president intended to do with the turkey shown in the picture, but the message expressed by USA Today was clear enough: Trump was somehow inferior to Obama and deserved to be mocked.

This was not the first time the paper had displayed such bias. In mid-2015, the Gateway Pundit caught the paper’s political blog OnPolitics asking its readers, “If Donald Trump wins, what country would you flee to?”


Now consider the words Trump spoke in his pre-Thanksgiving video:

“This historic political campaign is now over,”  he said. “Now begins a great national campaign to rebuild our country and to restore the full promise of America for all of our people.

“I am asking you to join me in this effort,” he added. “It is time to restore the bonds of trust between citizens. Because when America is unified, there is nothing beyond our reach, and I mean absolutely nothing.”

The unity of which Trump spoke would be nice, but until liberals (and particularly their beloved media) stop acting like spoiled brats, it will be very hard to attain.

USA Today has since backed away from the objectionable photo, posting an editor’s note that acknowledged the image violated the newspaper’s “standards of taste and photo editing.” But knowing USA Today’s track record, it will soon enough make a similar mistake.

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