UPS Driver Never Imagined the News Would Catch What He Did to Elderly Woman’s Home

UPS Driver Never Imagined the News Would Catch What He Did to Elderly Womans Home

An 84-year-old- woman from South Carolina, Nancy McCummings, has sadly lived through what most parents dread. She outlived all of her children.

Nancy’s disabled son recently passed away, leaving her alone in her home — a situation that is hard to manage on her fixed income. Nancy has trouble getting around and looking after her place, which has caused a great deal of home maintenance to go unfinished.

Nancy’s home was flooded and then infested with roaches, rendering the home unlivable — or at least, that was until UPS driver Dwight Praylow stepped in.

Praylow had been delivering packages to Nancy for some time and noticed the state of disrepair of her home.

He felt that the community had forgotten about this woman, so he took a leap of faith and with the help of his twin brother and a few friends, he raised money to put McCummings into a hotel while they took care of the house.

They cleaned the entire home with bleach, they took care of the roach infestation, and they repainted. They are not yet done with renovations yet either, as it seems that they are planning on rebuilding the kitchen!

McCummings was so overjoyed that she now says these boys are her boys; she’s unofficially adopted them. The amazing UPS driver doesn’t mind that term of endearment at all.

You can watch a video report of the story here:

“To me it goes back to that saying, it takes a village to raise a child,” Praylow explained. “So when that child gets to be elderly; who is going to take care of them? So to me its a reach back kind of thing.”

With a few more hands getting on board,” he added, “we can show the miracle of what the village can do to take care of the people in our community who can’t take care of themselves.”

And I don’t know how anyone could add to that.

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