Univision To Lay Off 200 Workers 1 Week After Massive Trump Victory


Throughout the general election campaign, mainstream media networks all banded together to try to bring down President-elect Donald Trump because none of them liked what he was saying.

Over the past week, these networks have been forced to acknowledge that they screwed up, though most haven’t changed their behavior. For Univision, the Spanish-language media company, this has been a particularly tough week, The Washington Post reported.

In addition to watching Trump rise to power by campaigning against illegal immigration, Univision announced on Wednesday that they will be laying off over 200 employees due to falling profits.

“(The layoffs) are in response to difficult times, challenging times,” explained Univision’s digital, entertainment and news chief, Isaac Lee. “We need to position ourselves for the future.”

Univision claims that the move is simply the evolution of business as the media giant tries to target the millennial generation, which is much more technology-savvy than the older Spanish-speaking population that used to watch Univision.

If this media company is just now trying to reach millennials and adapt to the 21st century, it may already be too late for them to reverse their declining profits.

For their third quarter, Univision reported a loss of $30.5 million. Though they would never talk about such a thing publicly, it would be interesting to see if their decline in revenue was linked to their attacks on Trump.

Univision acquired Gawker, the gossip website company, last summer. That wasn’t the most intelligent business move, because soon after the acquisition Gawker folded due to the massive lawsuit involving Hulk Hogan’s sex tape.

Univision jumped to the forefront of the public’s attention during the campaign cycle when Jorge Ramos, one of their anchors, was ejected from a Trump news conference after badgering the then-Republican nominee about immigration.

Needless to say, most Republicans wouldn’t be sorry to see Univision fold.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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