UMich Students Want There To Be Separate Space On Campus Where No Whites Can Go

UMich Students Want There To Be Separate Space On Campus Where No Whites Can Go

The social justice warriors are out in full force at the University of Michigan.

An activist group named “Students4Justice” has demanded that campus officials provide them with “a permanent designated space on central campus for Black students and students of color to organize and do social justice work,” according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

Yes, they want their own non-white safe space.

Their demands came as the university completed a taxpayer-funded, $10 million “multicultural” student center.

The group also demanded “documentation of past, current, and future student activism” and that the center should be a “permanent space that is staffed, and has resources for students to organize and share resources.”

In a direct assault on the First Amendment, the group demanded that any student “in any form of oppressive speech” be punished by being forced to perform some sort of “approved community service.”

The University of Michigan administration responded to the group’s demands on Thursday, noting that it was not possible to sanction individuals for exercising their constitutional right to free speech. The response also pointed out that the university already had cross-cultural centers and lounges available to students.

A non-white space would also appear to be be incompatible with the university’s diversity goals.

It’s amazing to see black students spearheading a movement to bring back segregation after American blacks fought against such segregation not too long ago. This group criticizes the university for failing to give them an environment of diversity and equity, and yet demands that the university facilitate segregation by designating spaces for students based solely on the color of skin. Such a demand only fosters the kind of hate these groups claim to be fighting against.

Does it not occur to these groups of people that they are fighting racism with racism? Can they not see how regressive this is?

Liberal logic is off the chart right now. It’s almost frightening to think of what kinds of demands they will come up with next.

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