UH-OH: It Just Got Worse for Chelsea… Latest Book Is GIANT Flop

It Just Got Worse for Chelsea Latest Book Is GIANT Flop

Chelsea Clinton isn’t having a very good week. In addition to reports that a sort of “never Chelsea” movement is growing within Democrat circles to stop her from running for office, it now appears that her attempt to become a bestselling author has fallen flat.

Clinton, along with Devi Sridhar, a professor of global public health at the University of Edinburgh, authored a book titled “Governing Global Health: Who Runs the World and Why?” and it has been a total failure, The Washington Free Beacon reported.

The book is ranked at 74,374 on Amazon’s bestseller list. That’s really low, but it’s still above where her mother’s book “Stronger Together: A Blueprint for America’s Future,” is: 89,681.

The reviews of Chelsea’s tome indicate that it is a pretty lackluster piece of literature, getting only 1.5 out of five stars on Amazon.com as of Thursday morning.

“As superficial and boring as its author, who has received a free ride her entire life,” read a review written by a “Mr. Mojangles.”

‘Unfortunately, a zero star was not an option. As is the case with her politics, her writing is disastrous. Save your money,” wrote another Amazon reviewer.

Heat Street noted that even Clinton isn’t talking about her new book — perhaps because she doesn’t want to draw attention to how poorly it is doing.

The Clintons need to realize that America’s love affair (or the Democrats’ love affair) with them is over. They had their chance to shine, and now Democrats are looking for new leadership.

(Chelsea Clinton’s recent embarrassment on Twitter shows just how much Democrats really need new blood.)

Instead of desperately clinging to the hope that they can once again be relevant by publishing books, taking photos with fans and posting on Twitter, the Clintons should simply accept the fact that America has moved on, and slip back into the shadows from where they came.

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