Uber-Liberals CANNIBALIZE Maddow After Tax Return Flop

Uber-Liberals CANNIBALIZE Maddow After Tax Return Flop

Anti-Trump talk show host Rachel Maddow embarrassed herself and her fellow liberals Tuesday night on MSNBC when her big “scoop” about President Donald Trump’s tax return only proved how desperate she was to destroy the president.

It’s to be expected that Trump supporters took a moment to enjoy the amazing fail.

It’s another thing, however, when liberals began to turn on the host and complain about what a flop the tax “scoop” was — only because they had great expectations that this would be the issue that they have been searching for that would finally bring down Trump.

But their expectations weren’t met, which meant they had to turn to other anti-Trump narratives.

Others simply expected more.

An opinion columnist on CNBC, the sister network of MSNBC, even admitted that Maddow’s revelation handed Trump a “nice victory.”

CNN uber liberal Van Jones had to admit on live television that CNBC’s “scoop” was nothing for liberals to get excited about.

It must be tough for Maddow to realize that her ultra-liberal status isn’t offering her much in the way of protection.

The truth is that Maddow’s hatred for Trump has made her an even less reliable journalist than she was to begin with. This kind of hatred is dangerous for many reasons, but in this instance, Maddow proved that some people are willing to risk their reputations, even their careers, to further their agendas.

It backfired, and now Maddow must deal with the backlash coming from both sides.

At least she got viewers to tune in, but it may have been for the last time.

Maybe it’s time for Maddow to take a much-needed break and re-evaluate where she went wrong before it’s too late (if it’s not too late already).

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