U.S. Border Patrol: Trump’s Border Wall Is EXACTLY What We Need

US Border Patrol Trumps Border Wall Is EXACTLY What We Need

The head of one of America’s largest Border Patrol union locals came out for President Trump’s proposed border wall in an interview with Breitbart, saying that it “will be effective.”

Hector Garza is president of National Border Patrol Council Local 2455 in Laredo, Texas, as well as a Border Patrol agent himself. He told Breitbart he welcomes a president who is willing to address problems with illegal immigration, even if the physical wall that the Trump administration erects does cover every foot of ground between the U.S. and Mexico.

“We know we won’t have a wall along the 2,000 miles of border,” Garza said. “What we will have is a wall where it is needed. That barrier, with proper manpower, resources, technology and other tools, will be effective. But most important, for the first time we have a president that wants to secure the border.

“During the previous administration, we had a president that failed to acknowledge the problems on the border. Now, we have a president that not only acknowledges the problems, but is willing to give us the tools needed to address them.”

Perhaps more important than the wall is the Trump administration’s decision to end the “catch-and-release” policy of the Obama administration, that sometimes put dangerous criminals free on the streets of America.

In a Wednesday report, Fox News’ William La Jeunesse said that this was the “number one crisis” agents were facing on the border.

“Agents say that if these orders are carried out, they will radically change how immigration is enforced in cities and at the border,” La Jeunesse reported. “Beginning with the wall, I am told it will likely replace or supplement an existing fence in an urban area, and it could look like the concrete wall in Israel.

“Agents say this is the number one crisis on the border right now,” La Jeunesse added. “Not Mexicans, but Central Americans who are trying to escape their failed countries by claiming a credible fear of persecution if returned home. Agents say most of the claims aren’t true, they’re looking for a job. But currently, they are released with a bus ticket and a work permit.”

Agents La Jeunesse interviewed were emphatic.

“We have eight years of finding excuses and reasons and loopholes to allow people to be walked out the front door of border patrol stations,” said Shawn Moran of the NBPC. “We’re encouraged that every sign we’ve seen shows that that is going to stop.”

You can see the report here:

All we have to say is: it’s about time.

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