Two Tough-Talking Lawmen On List Of Possible Appointees To Trump’s Cabinet


Two of America’s most controversial lawmen are being discussed as possible members of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet.

The Washington Post reported that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was defeated in his quest for a seventh term, is a possible candidate for the Department of Homeland Security, as is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Although both are considered by the Post as long shots, their names have been bandied about on lists that include a wide range of possible candidates for leadership jobs in the Trump administration.

Arpaio, 84, was called an “incendiary” choice by the Post, which said the famed Arizona lawman “is known for forcing inmates to wear pink underwear and has long been accused of anti-Hispanic bias.”

Arpaio faced a criminal contempt charge for continuing his immigration patrols after he was ordered by a judge to stop them.

Arpaio is a strong Trump supporter, and appeared on Trump’s behalf at the Republican National Convention.

“We are more concerned with the rights of illegal immigrants than we are the citizens of our own country,” he said.

Arpaio has also emphasized that law and order deserves the respect of the people.

“Now more than ever we must have respect for the police,” he said. “The highest levels of government must have our back.”

Clarke also is a strong Trump supporter, and appeared on Trump’s behalf during the campaign.

Clarke has been a strong critic of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This anti-cop sentiment from this hateful ideology called Black Lives Matter has fueled this rage against the American police officer,” Clarke said in July.

Clarke has used strong language to describe the anti-Trump protests that were organized in many cities after Tuesday’s election.

“I called this group for what it was two years ago when it was the Occupy Movement — and then it became Black Lives Matter,” Clarke said Thursday. “These are anarchists. They do not support the rule of law.

“We had a lawfully conducted election. That’s what we do in democracies, right? People get to go and cast a vote,” he said, noting that when President Barack Obama was elected in 2008 and 2012 there was disappointment among his opponents but no violence.

“”We didn’t even protest, but this is that anarchist movement that realizes now that their reign of terror is over,” Clarke said. “It’s our time now — and all this stuff that they’ve enjoyed over the last eight years is coming to an end.”

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