Twitter Shows That Trump Is Already Receiving Massive Death Threats


In response to the 2016 election victory of President-elect Donald Trump, some leftists have begun acting out in the same manner they had predicted Trump supporters would have acted had their candidate lost.

Specifically, some leftists have begun issuing assassination threats against their future president, writing on Twitter and other social media networks that someone needs to “take one for the team and kill Trump” or that someone needs to “shoot him in the head.”

“I just pray that the first n***a who tries to assassinate Donald Trump don’t miss,” tweeted one grammatically challenged teenybopper.

Take a look at a screenshot of some of the tweets below:


This was not all. Some leftists had also begun rioting and protesting in major cities across the nation, including in Los Angeles, where one particularly disturbed female protester told CNN that “people have to die.”

“If we don’t fight, who is going to fight for us?” she asked. “People had to die for your freedom where we’re at today. We can’t just do rallies, we have to fight back.”

“There will be casualties on both sides,” she continued. “There will be, because people have to die to make a change in this world. Trump, enough with your racism. Stop splitting families. Don’t split my family.”

Then don’t break the law …

How Trump came to be considered a destroyer of families is beyond us, but of course none of this is logical anyway.

To hear her horrifying remarks for yourself, please play the video below:

In a comment posted to Mediaite, reader “Windtaker” offered a perfect takedown of what was occurring.

“Democrats were so worried that Trump wouldn’t accept the outcome, that Trump supporters would riot if he lost, but, like all their claims of sexism, racism, etc., it’s classic projection,” she wrote. “It’s the left who riots, it’s the left who are the bigots. The humorous part is that they are so lacking in even a rudimentary sense of self-awareness that they’re utterly blind to it.”

Exactly. The very traits that the left accuses the right of harboring invariably turn out to be the traits they themselves possess in abundance.

From their habit of castigating black Republicans as “Uncle Toms” to their proven record of promoting violence, leftists have demonstrated from day one that everything they accuse others of being is in reality a perfect distillation of what they themselves are.

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