Tucker Destroys HuffPo Writer Who Used “Anti-Semitic” Source to Bash Trump

Tucker Destroys HuffPo Writer Who Used Anti-Semitic Source to Bash Trump

Tucker Carlson knocked another liberal out of the park.

During an interview with the Fox News rising star on Wednesday, Huffington Post contributor Alex Mohajer was so backed into a corner that he stopped arguing his case and started comparing Carlson to perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, whom many believe to be an outright anti-Semite.

Carlson didn’t even do anything to provoke such an attack — he just asked Mohajer why he cited the Executive Intelligence Review, the newsmagazine LaRouche founded, in one of his most recent columns.

LaRouche, now 94, ran for president as a fringe candidate in every election from 1976 to 2004 and has been entangled in controversy for virtually his entire political career.

He and the Executive Intelligence Review generally merit little better than “tabloid” status in political circles, yet Mohajer saw fit to use an EIR piece from 1987 in his article, “The Legitimate President,” which alleges former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was the true victor of the 2016 election.

When Carlson brought the source up and said it was created by “the LaRouche cult,” Mohajer simply said that he was “aware.”

But instead of defending his own point, he attacked Carlson, as if somehow that made his work suddenly more legitimate.

“Tucker Carlson, you were the editor in chief of The Daily Caller which for decades, like a decade, called into question the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency based on his race,” Mohajer said.

“Well, it didn’t say that, and I don’t run an anti-Semitic cult,” Carlson shot back.

The interview eventually went so far off the rails that Carlson couldn’t stand it anymore and cut Mohajer off.

You can see it here:

Carlson’s frustration was understandable.

Once people start attacking you instead of defending their own arguments, there is little more to be gained from the discussion.

What’s more, the point Mohajer was trying to make with the source was insane. Carlson said in the video that Mohajer was claiming, based on the Executive Intelligence Review, that President Donald Trump was recruited by the Soviets in 1987 to run for president of the United States.

And liberals like the Huffington Post accuse conservative media of spreading “fake news.”

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