Tucker Carlson Destroys Megyn Kelly in Ratings on His First Night

Tucker Carlson Destroys Megyn Kelly in Ratings on His First Night

For better or worse, Fox News host Tucker Carlson has completely eclipsed his predecessor, Megyn Kelly, who signed off from the network on Jan. 6 to pursue a career at NBC.

As noted by Business Insider, Tucker’s show has been a “ratings hit” for the network, spurring double-digit ratings increases in the 9 p.m. slot that Kelly used to command.

During its first week on air, “Tucker Carlson Tonight” reportedly averaged 3 million viewers total, which represented a remarkable 10 percent increase in total viewership compared to Kelly’s 2016 average. Likewise, the new host’s ratings with the 25- to 54-year-old demographic that week spiked by an even higher 12 percent.

“Carlson, a conservative journalist fighting an on-air war with elites, was also up 21 percent in total viewers from the same time last year and 52 percent in the key demo,” Business Insider added.

So far, the guy is a winner — one whom the liberal mainstream media, known for its deceitful criticism of conservatives, seemingly finds appealing. In a stunning report published Wednesday, for instance, The Washington Post praised Tucker for his “surprising, much-needed takedown of a ‘paid protester’ hoax.’”

Of course, the disingenuous paper then reverted back to its disingenuous ways by falsely claiming that the existence of this particular fake paid protester proved that the very notion of a paid protester was a conservative myth.

Given the opportunity, Tucker would likely annihilate The Washington Poster over his shoddy reporting — much as he demolished a hack “journalist” for The Huffington Post Wednesday evening, stating bluntly to his face, “Your point is stupid!”

That point was that failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton was the rightful president-elect, according to Mediaite. Say what?

But it’s this willingness by Tucker to boldly confront the country’s most notorious idiots that makes him such a crowd-pleasing favorite among the network’s base. While it was true that Kelly herself had confronted plenty of liberals herself, it seems apparent that nobody can confront a moron quite like Tucker Carlson.

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