Trump’s Longtime Physician Opens Up About The President’s Physical Health

Trumps Longtime Physician Opens Up About The Presidents Physical Health

The longtime personal physician of Donald Trump is giving more details about the state of the president’s health.

According to Dr. Harold Bornstein, Trump is currently taking medication to treat hair loss.

Bornstein told the New York Times over the span of four separate interviews that the president is currently using Propecia, a prostate-related drug which encourages hair growth in patients with male pattern baldness.

The doctor confirmed that he too took Propecia and the medication was responsible for his hair’s health as well as that of the president.

“He has all his hair. I have all my hair,” said Bornstein.

He added that Trump also takes medication for rosacea and cholesterol issues.

Bornstein, who became Trump’s personal physician in 1980, described the president’s medical care as “up to date.”

Prior to 1980, Bornstein’s father, Dr. Jacob Bornstein, looked after the billionaire’s medical needs.

Sixty-nine year old Bornstein found himself the center of a media controversy in 2015 when he issued a letter stating, “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can say unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency.”

The media was quick to pick up on the fact that, while Bornstein gave Trump a glowing diagnosis, he failed to supply documentation to substantiate his statements.

In August 2016, Dr. Bornstein issued a second letter in which he went into a little more detail as to Trump’s physical condition.

This letter confirmed that, as a child, Trump was hospitalized for an appendectomy.

He also wrote that the 70-year-old Trump “is 6′ 3″ tall and weighs 236 pounds.”

“In summary, Mr. Trump is in excellent physical health,” the letter concluded.

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