Trump’s DHS Takes Obama’s Handcuffs Off Border Patrol So They Can Enforce the Law

Trumps DHS Takes Obamas Handcuffs Off Border Patrol So They Can Enforce the Law

Throughout the primary and general election campaigns, Donald Trump vowed to crack down on illegal immigration during his campaign, which won him praise form Border Patrol agents who saw Trump as someone who would let them do their jobs.

Their faith in Trump has been paying off. Two memos from the Department of Homeland Security have been released that take off the restrictions that former President Barack Obama imposed on Border Patrol agents and actually let them do their jobs, Breitbart reported.

The first memo, signed by DHS Secretary John Kelly, put an end the policy of “catch and release,” which was something that deeply frustrated Border Patrol agents.

“… (T)he Department no longer will exempt classes or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement,” the memo stated. “In faithfully executing the immigration laws, department personnel should take enforcement actions in accordance with applicable law.”

By removing these “handcuffs,” as Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu called them in March 2016, Trump and Kelly are giving Border Patrol agents at least some of the tools they need to keep America safe.

Fox News reported that a second memo, also signed by Kelly, directed Border Patrol agencies to hire thousands more officers, among other measures — though a timeline for the hires was not provided.

These new orders had the potential to pave the way for “mass deportations” by speeding up the process of deportation and giving immigration authorities more power, CNN reported.

This is a major step forward for immigration authorities. After suffering for eight long years under Obama, the men and women who defend our borders finally have a president who will let them do their jobs and protect the homeland.

Trump has shown over the past month that he is a man of his word. We can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeves to deal with illegal immigration!

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