Trump’s Butler Says Magazine Writer’s Allegations ‘Never Happened’


The man who knew everything about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump when the billionaire stayed at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida knows nothing at all about the allegations whipped up in recent days that Trump tried to grope a writer from People magazine.

“No, that never happened. Come on, that’s just bull crap,” said former Trump butler Anthony “Tony” Senecal when asked about the claim of Natasha Stoynoff that in 2005, Trump shoved her against a wall and tried to kiss her.

“As I remember, it was Mrs. Post’s (Marjorie Merriweather Post) old massage room, which has got windows all the way around — that would be the worst room to go grope somebody, unless you want the whole world to know about it,” said Senecal.

Stoynoff claimed Seneeal burst in on Trump, a claim Senecal ridiculed.

“I don’t burst in. I knock, then I go in, usually after someone says ‘come in,’” Senecal said. “And when I went in, there was nothing strange about where she was standing.”

Senecal said he did not recall Stoynoff appearing to be angry, flustered or upset.

Senecal, 85, said he never saw Trump trying to seduce women even during the years when Trump was between marriages.

“Everybody is just jumping on the train,” he said. “I think you’re going to see even more of it between now and the election. But these incidents never happened.”

Senecal fingered the campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton as the source of the attacks against Trump, but said he has confidence Trump will prevail.

“These guys are pushing his back against the wall. But he’s a fighter. He’ll take them on. He’ll take all of them on,” Senecal said.

Senecal’s comments add to the number of allegations against Trump that have been disputed. Trump has denied all acusations of behaving improperly to the women who say he groped or kissed them.

As reported by Western Journalism, a man who witnessed the interplay between Trump and accuser Jessica Leeds aboard a 2000 flight has come forward to rebut her claim that Trump groped her.

Further, a family member of one of Trump’s recent accusers — Summer Zevos — said she had been highly supportive of Trump until he refused a request for visit her restaurant this spring.

Also, part of Stoynoff’s acocunt that included a mention of Melania Trump has been denied by Trump’s wife, who has said she will file suit against People magazine over the comments.

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