Trump’s Approval Index Skyrockets Since Inauguration

Trumps Approval Index Skyrockets Since Inauguration

Throughout the transition period, the liberal media was constantly harping on the fact that several polls showed that President Donald Trump’s approval rating was still in the dirt.

What the media hasn’t told you in recent days is that Trump’s approval rating has started to take off. The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports showed this trend quite clearly.

On Jan. 20, Trump’s approval index — the number resulting when disapprovals are subtracted from approvals — was plus two. On Jan. 23, it shot up to plus four, and on Jan. 24 it continued to climb to a whopping plus nine.

That’s an incredible climb in only a few days.

Trump’s total approval rating rose two points between Jan. 20 and Jan. 24, 55 percent to 57 percent. The percentage of respondents who “strongly approve” of Trump rose from 38 percent on Jan. 20 to 42 percent on Jan. 24.

The most likely reason for this climb is that Trump has worked hard over the past few days, holding meetings with labor groups and various companies. Americans can see what he’s doing, instead of only listening to the biased mainstream media’s horror stories of what he might do.

Trump has also signed a series of executive orders aimed at making it easier to do business in America. Some of his other orders also helped create jobs (or the potential for jobs) by approving the Keystone pipeline project.

Trump has shown in just a few days that he is a man of action, and the American people can respect that. Trump may still do things that irritate some people, but the American people are more interested in what he can accomplish for the country as president.

It will be interesting to see if Trump’s approval rating continues to climb in the coming days and weeks. Trump has reportedly been preparing a large number of executive orders aimed at curbing immigration and refugee flows from countries overrun with terrorism — something that many Americans have been hoping he will do.

Trump has followed through on his campaign promises so far. If he continues to do that, there is no reason why his approval numbers shouldn’t continue to climb.

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