Trump’s 3 Year-Old Tweet Hints at Complex Health Care Strategy

Trumps 3 Year-Old Tweet Hints at Complex Health Care Strategy

There has been plenty of speculation about why the American Health Care Act was pulled from from the House floor before a vote on Friday and what that means for the country.

While Democrats have relished the idea of more Republican infighting, President Donald Trump was quick to point out who he thought was responsible for the mess known as Obamacare, and that blame was mostly on Democrats.

That stance, coupled with a 3-year-old tweet, might also shed some insight into what Trump was thinking when he pulled the bill.

In 2014, Trump posted to Twitter that the best deals you can make are “the ones you walk away from,” because that gives you an opportunity to come back to them later — with better conditions.

And then there was this: Never make a concession during negotiations that could lead to more demands. Be prudent. It’s best to have your concessions predetermined.

That wasn’t all.

In 2011, Trump tweeted what might be the best advice of all.

One of the theories floating around is that Trump was giving Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and establishment Republicans enough rope to hang themselves. Indeed, the Republicans failed.

On Friday, after the announcement that the bill had been pulled, Trump said Obamacare would self-destruct on its own. That would obviously be another huge fail, which should make politicians from both sides of the aisle more willing to work with the president.

Theoretically, this is when Trump could come back to the table and offer them a deal.

Trump is a businessman and has been making deals for most of his life. Letting the American Health Care Act fail might have been part of his strategy all along. But even if it wasn’t, as a tactic, it could still pave the way for a health care plan that reflects more of what he Trump wants for Americans — and what Americans want for themselves.

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