Trump Trademarking “Make America Great Again” for 2020 Race!

Trump Trademarking Make America Great Again for 2020 Race

President Donald Trump is thinking ahead. WAY ahead.

In an interview last week with The Washington Post, Trump revealed his campaign slogan for 2020, and it is both assumptive and brilliant: Keep America Great Again. The application was filed on Jan. 18, according to The Washington Times —  two days BEFORE Trump’s inauguration.

In The Washington Post interview, Trump said revealing the new slogan was not something he planned, but he was clearly excited about it.

This appears to be a president who has every expectation of sticking around for two terms. He has already formed a committee to begin fundraising and preparation for a 2020 campaign, according to International Business Times.

Reminded by The Washington Post that the slogan “Keep America Great Again” assumes that, four years from now, the American public will be satisfied with his presidency, Trump said: “I think they have to feel it. Being a cheerleader or a salesman for the country is very important, but you still have to produce the results.”

Although both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush used the phrase “Make America Great Again” in their campaign speeches, only Trump thought to trademark the phrase. According to The Washington Post, the idea came on Nov. 7, 2012, as Trump reflected on Mitt Romney’s election loss the day before and sensed that his own political destiny was at hand.

He immediately trademarked “Make America Great Again,” and began to lay the groundwork for a campaign that would not officially begin until July 14, 2015.

The slogan “actually inspired me, because to me, it meant jobs. It meant industry, and meant military strength. It meant taking care of our veterans. It meant so much,” Trump told the Post.

In a nod to the ubiquitous red “Make America Great Again” baseball caps, of which a reported 25 million were sold, the new patent filing covers campaign merchandise (more hats!) as well as campaign services and blogs, according to Politico.

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