Trump Ties With Hillary In Michigan In Latest Poll


And the hits just keep on coming: A new poll showed Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tied in the state of Michigan.

According to The Daily Caller, the survey by polling group Strategic National showed Trump and Clinton tied at 44 percent in the state.

The poll, conducted Thursday, also showed Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson at 4 percent and Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein at 3 percent.

Michigan’s 16 electoral votes haven’t gone to a Republican since 1988, when Democrat Gov. Michael Dukakis barely won his wife’s vote and didn’t come nearly as close in the country at large. However, 2016 has been anything but normal for an election year, and Michigan seems like one of the more likely possibilities for Trump to turn red.

Blue-collar voters, especially auto workers, make up a large portion of the electorate in Michigan. That group has typically gone Democrat, but Trump has shown an ability to win them over with his plans to bolster American jobs and renegotiate bad trade deals.

In addition, many of those bad trade deals were initially negotiated or pushed for by Bill and Hillary Clinton, making the Democrat nominee vulnerable in the state.

Trump already made headlines with his battle against automaker Ford and its decision to move production to Mexico. From the looks of this poll, it appears that stand may have paid off.

If Trump wins Michigan, it would make his path to victory significantly easier. Winning the Great Lakes State could mean that he could take a loss in one or more significant battleground states and still be able to win the election.

In fact, as this map shows, winning Michigan could enable Trump to take the presidency even if he dropped Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia, provided he wins Colorado.


Will Trump be able to take Michigan? It remains to be seen; RealClearPolitics’ poll average still showed Clinton ahead by almost 5 points.

However, one thing’s for sure — it’s looking a lot closer than it did just a week ago.

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