Trump Supporters Launch Starbucks Protest That Has Liberals Coming UNGLUED


Supporters of President-elect Donald Trump have discovered a fun and amusing way to both pay tribute to the billionaire and also teach a lesson to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, who endorsed failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Specifically, Trump supporters were asking Starbucks baristas to label their cups with Trump’s last name.

The trick worked courtesy of a policy implemented by the coffeehouse chain in 2012, as reported at the time by the BBC: “From now, as well as taking orders from customers, baristas will also ask what they are called so this can be scribbled on cups and called out when coffees are ready for collection.”

There was just one problem: Not every barista appreciated this trick. Some of them (presumably the liberal ones) resented being forced to salute the president-elect (like some big-city mayors.) Take for instance the barista seen in the video below:

The good news was that this particular barista appeared to be in the minority, as was evident by the litany of #TrumpCup images that flooded Twitter this week.

Take a look at one of many examples below:

The key to pulling off this stunt lay in remaining calm and collective — something Trump supporter Davis Sanguesa sadly failed to do.

Because his barista took too long to prepare his #TrumpCup, Sanguesa flipped out and began calling her “trash” and garbage,” according to The Miami Times.

He later tried to claim that barista Jennifer Santos had discriminated against him for being white, but she denied the allegation, as well as the claim that she had refused to serve him, saying, “No, I didn’t.”

Even if she had done any of the things he accused her of doing, it still would not have excused his obnoxious behavior. Having some fun and paying tribute to Donald Trump is one thing; treating another human being like garbage is another altogether.

Trump supporters have a great opportunity here to spread the president-elect’s message and also stick it just a little to Starbucks, but it is important to do so responsibly and with tact.

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