Trump Supporter’s Anti-Press T-Shirt Causes Uproar Among Liberal Journalists


While it has been standard operating procedure throughout the 2016 election season for the perpetually offended precious snowflakes in the media to have a total meltdown over something said or done by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, that holier-than-thou faux outrage has of late been directed at Trump’s supporters as well.

Numerous members of the liberal press recently lost their cool in a big way after seeing pictures of a T-shirt worn by a man at a Trump rally, largely because they felt targeted by the message on the shirt.

According to The Daily Caller, the back of the man’s black T-shirt read: “Rope. Tree. Journalist. Some Assembly Required.”

This of course was seized on by the liberal press as an allusion to a desire by some to actually physically track down and lynch liberal reporters, which they immediately attributed to Trump’s “violent rhetoric” and hostile attitude toward the media.

What they fail to realize, or more accurately choose to ignore, is that they themselves are largely responsible for the feelings of hostility aimed at them by Trump and his supporters, due to their overwhelmingly negative coverage often filled with unsubstantiated rumors, deliberate obtuseness, quotes taken out of context and even outright lies.

There is a reason that modern-day journalism is trusted about as well as the drinking water in Flint, Michigan.

Furthermore, the outrage by the media regarding this shirt that essentially called them out for their dishonesty and obvious bias was nowhere to be found when untold numbers of shirts and signs were spotted at Democrat events or anti-Trump protests that called for his own lynching or assassination, or that of his supporters, or that of law enforcement officers.

Here is a tip for the members of the media: Start doing your actual job in reporting the truth on all sides without overwhelming amounts of bias and dishonesty, and perhaps people won’t suggest that you need to be hanged for treason. Just a suggestion.

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